A Treasure Box in Rogers Park- Edgewater Antique Mall

I’d like to share another guest post by my classmate Lauren Roffle. You can find her fashion blog, La V en Style here: http://laurenvanessaroffle.wordpress.com/.

Photo from Edgewaterantiquemal.com

By Lauren Roffle

It was during my very first week at Loyola University Chicago that I found what I now call one of my favorite vintage shops in Chicago – Edgewater Antique Mall.

As a true vintage lover I seem to have a magnetic attraction to antique stores, no matter what city I am in. It wasn’t long before I found this not so hidden gem located at 6341 N. Broadway. Finding this store was a true sign I was in the right place after a typical difficult first week of college.

Photo from Edgewaterantiquemall.com

With the mall’s tenth anniversary approaching, Edgewater Antique Mall has become a mainstay in Roger’s Park. The store is owned by Paul Chaty, who opened the store after serving as a manager at a different antique store. Edgewater is known for its mid-century pieces and has an extensive collection of jewelry; however, carries all different kinds of pieces.

On my first experience, I entered the store with my mom and was greeted by a nice elderly man. We spent about two hours wandering the aisles and booths of different vendors. I was highly impressed by one of the vendors clothing collection that was rather extensive.

Photo from Edgewaterantiquemall.com

Also, many of the vendors carried a large variety of unique furniture pieces, but unfortunately those were not going to fit in my then pint-size dormitory room.

My favorite find during this first visit was a pair of vintage leather lace up boots. They just happened to be my size, and at only $14 I knew we were meant to be!

Photo by Lauren Roffle, filtered through Instagram

A favorite piece, and one that has become a staple in my wardrobe, is a vintage costume jewelry bracelet I found at the mall my sophomore year of college. I wear it almost daily and receive compliments just as often!

I have since visited the mall multiple times throughout my years at Loyola University Chicago. Although now I live downtown, I make a special trip up north just to see what new treasures I will find.

Photo by Lauren Roffle, filtered through Instagram

The friendly and spacious atmosphere lends itself to a pleasant shopping experience. The large mall carries more than 45 vendors’ items. A large variety of items include anything and everything from clothing and accessories to vintage furniture and postcards, to jewelry and collectibles. This mall will be your one stop vintage shop in Roger’s Park!

Do you have a favorite vintage shop in Roger’s Park? Share your must-see Roger’s Park vintage and antique stores here. Perhaps my next post will feature your favorite find!

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