Gang Violence in Rogers Park

Police held a recent 4- month undercover investigation code named “Last Stop.” When the case broke, police blanketed Rogers Park to arrest gang members after their clandestine investigation, targeting a $1.6 million drug market, according to a Rogers Park News Article published in December 2011. The 24th Police District commander James Rousell hosted this community meeting regarding drug traffic in Rogers Park at Gale Community Academy on Jan. 24.

Undercover officers caught the offenders after they posed as potential buyers for the alleged drug dealers. There have been charges against 20 alleged members of the gang, called Gangster Disciples. Gang members began to draw attention from the police and the community as they disputed over territory in Rogers Park.

Operation Last Stop began after East Rogers Park residents reported street violence between gangs who were selling drugs near public transit and schools. Police arrested 11 people for delivery of a controlled substance within 1,000 feet of a school.

After a tough year of securing safety in Rogers Park, this community meeting proves to be beneficial to residents’ safety. Violence has been so prevalent that in one day there were three unrelated shootings. There were multiple shootings over the span of 24 hours in November, according to Rogers Park News.

On the 7600 block of North Bosworth Avenue, a 21-year-old man was shot and wounded in both his stomach and head. Police say the cause of the shooting was possibly domestic-related. The night before this tragedy during a “Positive Loitering” event, a man strayed from the group and allegedly shot at another group down North Ashland Avenue. Earlier that day, there was a shooting on Marshfield Avenue, where one person was hit.

The meeting becomes increasingly pertinent as Rogers Park has endured an intense week. A Rogers Park man who police announced missing a month ago was found floating dead in Key West, Florida on January 13. Police are investigating, but they do not believe foul play was involved in his drowning.

On Friday, January 20, a 15 year old boy was shot to his death on the 1800 block of Juneway Terrace, north of Howard Street. His alleged murderer then reportedly killed himself.

Early Monday morning, two men were shot and killed in an SUV while stopped at a traffic light on the 7600 block of North Sheridan Road. Upon being shot, the driver lost control of his vehicle, and the police found him and his passenger in the car after it had crashed into a nearby tree. The driver was shot in the side and immediately died. The passenger was shot in the leg and taken to Saint Francis Hospital in Evanston where he later died. The offender is not known, but the police are investigating the case further.

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